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         K999, for last chance dogs!

                  "your last call before the rescue centre"

Philosophy and approach

My technique is a natural exercise system, based in neuropsychology and utilising body language, establishes you as a calm confident parental figure whom your dog will instinctively want to follow and trust. By providing quality daily exercise and stimulation within your boundaries will, in turn, instill trust in you and give your dog confidence to cope with day to day challenges in a calm manner. Effective communication is the key to guiding your dog through problems and onto becoming a truly valued family member.

"Adaption, not Reaction" is the key. I like dogs to calmly adapt to their environment as opposed to reacting to everything that happens around them.

I don't use gimmicks, gadgets, bags of treats or find it necessary to shape behaviour via force or by dominating dogs.

I address to root cause of the behaviour, not simply focusing on symptoms, allowing your dog to learn to make the correct decisions. Effectively you will be teaching your dog the manners it will need to be a positive member in any social environment.

Once you understand why your dog was misbehaving, and how to guide them through it, you will be able to address the issue yourself strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

My Aim;

My aim is to reduce the number of dogs signed over to the rescue centre because of behavioural issues. Most unwanted behaviours could be eradicated in the home with a few simple steps from the owners with my guidance. This also applies to rescued dogs. Taking a rescue dog home can lead to initial problems as the dog becomes accustomed to their the new home and routine. Often the dog is given no chance to prove he can adjust successfully and is returned to the centre. Again, with my guidance, the new owners could have rapidly established a great relationship with the dog based on trust and confidence. Working dogs through behavioural problems in a rescue centre environment can be very challenging and time consuming, where as in a home environment, goals can be attained much faster. This keeps the dog with the family he belongs in, and gives the family the dog they always hoped for! The rescue centre also benefits as it has one less dog to try to re-home leaving space for real rescue cases.